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Last update : Friday 25th November 2016
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 Available Soon.
7.25" gauge New build scratchbuilt BR Britannia "Western Star" ready March 2017, now highly detailed.
4" scale Rushton Proctor traction engine - new build - full boiler certificate.
3.5" gauge 2-6-2 Bantom Cock, full boiler certificate, just back from the paint shop.
3.5" gauge 3 cyl pacific, GNR Rebuild of Great Northern. Never steamed - Hielan Lassie.

 We provide a high quality model painting service,
please ask for a quote.

 Workshops cleared, and swept clean.

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My name is Graham Jones. I am an independent business buying and selling live steam models - completed or partbuilt - and workshop equipment. I can travel to all parts of the UK Mainland to see and collect models that you have for sale. In addition to buying and selling live steam models I am also a passionate/obsessive collector and always very keen to buy models of high quality to add to my personal collection. I have been involved with steam locomotives most of my life, formerly as a steam engine driver at Aston Shed (3D) working steam hauled trains out of Birmingham New St Station over the LNWR lines followed, with the demise of steam, by several years of "boredom" driving diesels and electrics. I then made the not too difficult a decision to move a mile down the road from my previously very happy home at Aston Shed to Aston University. There I spent five most enjoyable years studying for my BA. and M.Sc., followed by a lengthy period dealing in antiques before finally returning full circle to my first love of steam locomotives - in miniature - driving, buying, collecting and selling them. Now, well into retirement, I have earned an excellent reputation for fair trading in all types of steam engines.

All items are sold on 10 days approval. Please browse my current stock list and photographs by using the current stock link on the right, and if you require any further information on any of the models, or have models for sale, please do not hesitate to contact me using the contact us page. I hope you enjoy visiting my Antique Steam Website.


GOT MY PILOTS LICENSE AT LAST! - took me 18 enjoyable months.

If you would like a trial flight please contact me and I will give you full details. I can strongly recommend it - a wonderful experience.

For a sweet taster put into Youtube search" - "Precious cargo microlight"

Aerial Views

The National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas. >

At last I'm able to "land" the microlight and now doing further training to develop my limited skills to enable me to land in most types of weather.
My first Solo flight is still a good way off. But watch this space.

Sutton Coldfield M.E.S. (Ballenygreen). >


Did my first 60mile Solo journey yesterday -12/7/14- towards my Navigation Certificate - taking 65mins. No congested motorways up there.

Currently a favourite pastime is following overhead the high speed electric trains passing along the Trent Valley line, bound for Euston and the North of England. My plane's maximum speed (a Quik GTR) is 108 mph so I can only keep up with the Pendalinos as they reduce their speed to 100mph between Colwich and Stafford as they negotiate the severe "S" bends and Shugborough Tunnel.

Reminds me very much of my steam engine driving days along that stretch of line - the only difference now is I don't have to obey red signals nor am I restricted by the limits of boiling water.

I would never have guessed in my younger years that at the age of 78 one can still make such achievements. 78 years of age is the new 68 years Old.

Major thanks to the man who successfully instructed me throughout my flying course to gain my Pilot's License ,Mike Bailey.

I was his FIRST student so it was a very big learning curve for both of us.THANKYOU VERY MUCH INDEED MIKE - you are now the qualified flying instructor of the geriatrics squadron.

Old steam club friends, having decided that I will soon be bombing into the ground at high speed,have allocated between themselves the options on my collection of locos so that when the inevitable day comes they will be knocking on the door of my newly widowed wife demanding their option to my model locos be met. I intend that their wait will be a very very long one!

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